3D Projection Mapping

3D Projection Mapping
3d projection mapping is growing in popularity and demand each day. Unlimited possibilities of projection mapping have overcome the challenges of the extreme creativity involved in projects. Objective is to communicate, inform and map out the possibilities of projects, allowing the creative process that is needed to achieve such a massive display to be assembled with you, not just for you. 3Di is an industry leader in 3d Projection Mapping in Pakistan.
The latest marketing technique that is a must in a bag of marketer which gives an audience a memorable and enormous message is 3D video-mapping. A highly creative and an innovative technology that animates stationary objects with 3D video. This technology involves the use of a combination of high power projections with an imaginative animation on a building facade, to create stunning optical illusions. Such a show provides not just an entertaining event to the live audience but presents an opportunity to create a viral sensation.
Unlike the standard 3D stereographic content, this techniques works by creating realistic 3D illusions through a special type of animation, that is centered on a building's contours, shape and size. Adding sound effects and music gives the audience a truly amazing and memorable show.
VISYS has developed a solution that uses the state of the art technology for projection tiling and stacking, to project custom animations onto buildings or objects to create 3D illusions. Our vision is to provide companies and media agencies a new medium to introduce their products and services in a captivating manner, and thereby giving them a distinct edge from their competitors.  

What is architectural projection mapping?

From the family of augmented reality, it’s the projection of 3D motion graphics in real-time onto
the surface of a building or structure. In result, exterior of the building comes alive with animation, transforming into a lively building. The projections are methodically mapped to fit the measurement of the building and sound usually go along with the display.


Building 3D Projection Mapping
Witnessing a 3d Building projection live is an awe inspiring event simply because of the enormous size of the building which comes to life through choreographed animations. This amazing, high tech and latest form of medium is widely shared on multiple social media websites, giving the client to opportunity to promote their message. Any projection had two major limitations. First one is the size of buildings. People have tried many techniques to overcome this issue but all failed till projector stacking evolved.

This evolution did take care of the large sized projections but the revolution came with 3D Projection mapping. Each building has a different architecture and images are required to be blending in with the shape, look and size of a building. Combination of projectors stacking, edge blending, image wrapping and 3D projection mapping has given the world a new dimension of visual communication. Technology has broken the barrier of limitation and has left people to play with their creative imagination.


3D Projection Mapping Events
This amazing technology which is sometimes referred to as '4d Projection', because of an additional
elements being added to the projection, can enhance any event. Imagine performances on stage where the projection mapping lights around the performers changes the entire vision of the performance, where the background alternates between different environments. 3d Projection Events can also be combined with firework displays, sporting events and dance performance to make it memorable for the viewing audience. Event is a broader term. 3D projection mapping is an amazing tool to be coupled up with your imagination to leave a strong impact on audiences. Product launch, brand awareness, public messages, advertising campaigns, corporate presentations, concerts, Tv shows or let that be a private gathering. 3D projection mapping will turn your activity into a life time memorable event.


3D Projection Mapping - Object Any Size & Any Shape
The magical effect can be brought to any object. The projected animation outlines the curves of the object in a fashion so that the static and dead object is brought to life. For instance a bottle with fizzy drink has bubbles, ice cubes in a glass.
This new technique is just not limited to buildings or stage, but any object. Car projection is one of the examples which can make the display or unveiling of a new car model stand out among its peers. Through special animations, car projections can create the illusion of the car being in motion or in different environments. This new technique is effective and increasing in popularity in Dealership showrooms, Car Shows and unveiling's and bringing a 'WOW' factor to their new product. You choose the object of any size and shape; 3D projection mapping will do its magic.

Where did it come from?

Cinema is the starting point of the idea. The major difference is a collective thrill of large gatherings, felt at public events like a firework display or free concert. Crowd in closed gathering at cinema to watch a visual display gets even better when they get to see much larger visual display in outdoor. It even gets better when music or sounds get synchronized with the visuals. Nothing can beat the scenario when display is no more on a flat screen. It is precisely along with the scale and shape of the building or an object. Mass public audiovisual immersive experiences have become a popular way to wow crowds at celebratory events of all kinds and because of the slack-jawed gawping factor it’s also a fond favorite for brand promotion.

Who uses 3D projection Mapping

Corporate Sector
Adverting Agencies
Marketing Agencies
Entertainment Industry
Event Management Companies

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