Corporate AV

In the corporate environment our projection solution can be used in conference rooms to create a
completely immersive effect. Video conferences will no longer have the feeling of distance and the participants will be able to see each other and interact with each other with as if they are in the same room. Large conference rooms can deploy our multi projector software to increase the size of the projected area, or to increase the brightness of the presentation.
In modern knowledge-driven economy the critical element is to convey the ideas without losing the impact. With VISYS solutions you can make a persuasive presentation or large size video conference even in a conference or boardrooms which have brightly-lit environments.


In the modern world, internal customers are as important as external customers. An organization
must keep the human resource excited and energetic. Intense competition requires day to day efficiency and productivity. This is the reason for seeing the phenomenon of organizations with luxury cafes, theater rooms etc for their employees with in the building.
Board rooms, conference rooms and lobbies are critical for the same reason. In these areas, internal and external customers interact. VISYS solutions not only equip you with a solution to convey your message but also help in adding the value to the ambiance created by your organization. 

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