Simulation & Virtual Reality  
A interactive computer graphics that provides a viewer centered and large field of view can be Virtual Reality. A key technique for generating Virtual Reality displays is the use of closed rooms or domed environments which are illuminated by projectors from the sides. This allows multiple user to be part of the interactive virtual environment. These types of systems are specially used for simulation based systems.

Simulation Setups & Designs

Apart from the military which is the primary user of simulation systems, private industry also requires the use of immersive virtual environments for training and development. Through VISYS multi-projection system you can now create seamless dome environments so that the immersive experience is lifelike and almost real. Our extraordinary camera feedback calibration system will easily calibrate multiple projectors with minimum hassle.
Even for immersive simulation environments that are not projected on domed surfaces, VISYS is the most appropriate and cost effective solution. Our unique point based manual calibration mechanism can allow any surface or room type to be converted into a near real virtual reality room.

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