If you are wondering to find a way to make your wedding day to be remembered & cherished for
the rest of your life, you have landed at very right web page. Lighting & Illumination is probably a default setting in any wedding ceremony and specially in Pakistan. You just need to recall a friend’s wedding when you entered into a street and figured the wedding house right away. You can see any wedding house from a mile just for the fact that it gets illuminated. It is more or less a social norm which has almost converted into a necessary element of the wedding ceremony. If you have been wondering to go creative regarding wedding light decor, you just hit the bulls eye. . 3D PROJECTION MAPPING may confuse you slightly but do not worry.

Just Imagine, Traditional Wedding Lights. Rows of bulbs hanging all around a house with probably couple of Neon signs placed to welcome guests. On top of it, there may be couple of colorful spot lights on wall. That is all about wedding lights creativity. HERE IS A GOOD NEWS FOR YOU. You wont have to live with a memory of the wedding lights which are exactly similar to your father or probably grand father’s wedding. You have an opportunity to create way different memory than your forefathers. In simple words, you do not have to use the 50 years old traditional lights.

Now Imagine differently and creatively. Close your eyes and Visualize the hearts placed all over your house in different sizes. On the arrival of BARAT, Imagine fireworks all over the place but all virtual. People can see but cant smell smoke of fireworks. Imagine Yours and Your Life partner PICTURE made up of lights all over the house. How about Imagining 3D Lazer work on your walls. Imagine the oil Lamps all over the walls rather 50 Years old bulbs. How about Imagining any thing you want. This list can go for ever just like “You live happily ever after”

To imagine all this, you need to understand 3D Projection Mapping Technology. This new type of technology is described at Creative Projection Mapping Blog. Please click to understand the art of illumination.