Monday, 14 November 2016

Car Projection Mapping | Toyota

Car Projection Mapping is considered as one of the most thrilling acts when it comes to the projection mapping events. Pakistan is relatively new to the tool of mapped projections but till it can definitely be considered as one of the fast growing mediums in advertising, marketing or awareness campaigns. Pakistan has recently witnessed few building projection mappings along with indoor brand reveal shows. 

Toyota Fortuner recent launch in Pakistan has got quite a boost. A wonder full event was set at the launch of Toyota Fortuner in Pakistan. The theme of the year was to innovate, to strive to be better, to exceed expectations, it was to create an experience so aesthetically immersive and perfect that it cannot be paralleled. 3Di team was commissioned by the prestigious Indus Motor Company to do just that. To go beyond. The theme for Indus Motor company was revealed in the more captivating way possible. From design aesthetic to their goals, they employed 3Di team ( to create the most extraordinary experience to introduce the world to their mission of 2017 - Going beyond. Every part of the process was executed in harmony while the audience, including foreign dignitaries, sat spellbound by the seamless presentation 3Di team had worked tirelessly to deliver.

The new Toyota Fortuner Launched in the most spectacular way Pakistan's leading company in 3D Projection Mapping made it an exhilarating and unforgettable event. 3Di ( ) revealed the theme of the year for IMC and later the new Toyota Fortuner model for the year 2017 was revealed. Toyota marked itself as the first automobile company to employ 3D Projection Mapping technology to reveal its vehicle and we were honored to cater.
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