Thursday, 25 May 2017

Building Projection Mapping | Samsung Galaxy S8 | Shahi Qila



The most talked mobile launch in Pakistan had to be designed in a way that can be remembered for long. Strong brand image had to be enhanced. Leading event management companies were engaged to give an unforgettable launch to Samsung lovers. Ignite, RAE and 3Di – became the choice of team at SAMSUNG Pakistan.

3D Projection Mapping reveals Samsung S8 and S8+

Shahi Qila, Lahore became the site for the launch of Samsung S8 and S8+ for various reasons but most importantly the first 3D Projection Mapping show at Shahi Qila gate. The mighty task was signed to experts at 3Di – to develop the projection mapping show at Shahi Qila, Lahore for Samsung launch. The task was surely massive but the experienced hands at the pioneer and leading projection mapping company did the stunning job.

Shahi Qila gate, the icon of Mughal’s magnificence could not get any better. The (Light & Sound show Shahi Qila) using 3d projection mapping technology took audience in past. The construction of Shahi Qila leading to the modern world finishing at Samsung S8 and S8+ reveal left the audience spellbound. Never witnessed before, the projection mapping at Shahi Qila will be remembered for very long. It is impossible to feel the thrill of the projection mapping show at SHAHI QILA but a video may give a taste of what went on at Samsung Launch S8 and S8+. Please

Galaxy S8 and S8+ design has gone beyond the limits which begin from the inside out. Samsung looked in to all aspects of the phone’s design should get through those limits of the smart phone screen. So every last bit you view may be immaculate content which means basically no bezel. It’s the biggest, The immersive screen around the Samsung S8 and S8+ smartphone from claiming this size. Furthermore its simple and can be held and used with one hand.

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